You don’t have to be an advocate to do post-car adventuring. But it’s not a bad idea! We believe it is important to be aware of all of the advocacy that go into making such travel possible and that is needed to sustain it. Bus and train systems, pedestrian and bike paths, and safe streets for all users don’t come easy and all of these components need people to speak up for them. To use multi-modal transportation options, as most post-car adventures require, gives us all chance to see the value of different transportation systems. Rather than just advocating for bikes on their own , traveling by bike and bus or bike and train highlights the importance of advocating for better ways to bring these modes together. Instead of just advocating for better sidewalks for pedestrians, traveling on foot with help from a bus line or ferry underlines the need to advocate for more connections between adequate street space for pedestrians and more frequent trips in public transit schedules.

An example of a group that advocates for better connections between active and public transportation options is Adventure Cycling, an organization that has partnered with others to prompt Amtrak to offer more on-board bicycle services.

Consider joining your local advocacy group or one of the many national advocacy groups working to make post-car adventuring possible including: